Building Our Livelihood

Building Our Livelihood (BOL).

The Building Our Livelihood outcome focuses on economic development and infrastructure. Activity in this area works toward not only a reduction in the percentage of people living in poverty, but also specifically poverty that impacts children.

Figure 4 lists the Building Our Livelihood (BOL) outcomes. While there are numerous economic measures, the community outcomes listed are based on those that are regularly available at the county level, and those that align with the intended outcomes.


Figure 4. Building Our Livelihood Outcome Table

Outcome Community Measure Foundation / Grant Measure
Reduce or maintain unemployment rate Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate
("Local Area Unemployment Statistics Home Page," n.d.)
•See DOT education measures.
•Number of people who gain and maintain jobs.
•Number of people who earn credential or degree.
•Number of people who pass GED.
Reduce poverty rate Population living below federal poverty level (FPL) using last 12 months of earnings (Bureau, n.d.-a) •See DOT education measures
•People who gain and maintain jobs
•Family income
Reduce percentage of children in poverty Population under 18 years living below FPL using last 12 months of earnings •See DOT education measures and above
Increase average household income Median household income
Mean household income
Bureau, n.d.-b)
•See DOT education measures and above

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