Caring for Our People

Caring for Our People (COP).

This outcome on human and social services, housing, mental and physical health, and public safety. The overall outcomes of the are quality of life (QoL) factors. Staff indicated that length of life, crime, and housing all influence QoL factors.

Figure 5 lists the Caring for Our People (COP) outcomes. COP outcomes use mainly the County Health Rankings (“Midland County, Michigan,” n.d.). This data is updated yearly or when available.


Figure 5. Caring for Our People Outcomes Table

Outcome Community Measure Foundation / Grant Measure
Improve QoL •Poor or fair health
•Poor physical Health Days
•Poor mental health days
•Low birthweight ("Midland County, Michigan," n.d.)
Self-reported poor or fair health, poor physical or mental health days, and low birthweight (don't ask on survey)
Increase length of life Premature (before age 75) death ("Midland County, Michigan," n.d.) See other measures on this table
Improve clinical care •Under 65 Uninsured ("Midland County, MI," n.d.)
•Preventable hospital stays
•Diabetes monitoring
•Mammography Screening
•Number of people program helps to insure
•Number of preventable hospital stays
•Number of people getting diabetes screening
•Number of people getting mammography screening
Reduce violent crime and injury deaths Violent Crime ("Midland County, Michigan," n.d.) Injury Deaths Self-reported feelings of safety and support in their community
Reduce severe housing problems Percentage of households with one of the following:
overcrowding, high cost, lack of kitchen or plumbing ("Midland County, Michigan," n.d.)
See other measures on this table
Increase affordable housing access and usage Percentage of households with housing costing more than 30% of the household income (Bureau, n.d. c) •Number of affordable housing units
•Number of licenses from the city/county for affordable housing units
•Number of homeowners

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